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Hi John. Yes, the post went early altcaluy. Tucking in behind a previous post when it should have gone later, after I'd finished. But it's been a crazy two weeks this month


It depends on how long its been open and the ceirdt limit and how much you owe on your other ceirdt cards.If it's you oldest trade line, it could damage your score quite a bit. If it is your biggest limit card it may throw off your capacity ratio. For example, if I have 2 ceirdt cards one with a $ 1000 ceirdt limit and another with a $ 5000 ceirdt limit and I owe $ 500 on the first card then I only owe 8.3% of what I have available, this may lower my score by 4-5 points, BUT, if I close the $ 5000 ceirdt limit, then I owe 50% of what I have availble, cuasing my score to drop by 30-50 points! Capacity is huge.Remember your income is not on your ceirdt report so the assumption is that if you don't use all of your limits, then you don't need the money, but if you do, you NEED the money and must be struggling. Therefore, your score goes down.The FICO is an indicator of financial health and how likely you are to go into bankruptcy. It may be your best bet to leave the card open and not use it very often, if you do, make sure you can pay it off at the end of the month.


Honestly, I think you'd make a fucking bad ass US History thecaer for all the reasons you've mentioned above. I kind of am jealous that I never had a thecaer who tried to make the material relate-able and understandable in modern day pop culture terms I probably would have done way better in class and retained a lot more. Instead all the kids in my class were smart as fuck and I felt stupid for ever even asking a question. That is why I am still dumb to this day.

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