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Bill Parker

As a leader,Adam displayd expressed interpersonal needs that attract others to him: high expressed inclusion, moderate expressed control,and high expressed caring. His wanted interpersonal needs were moderate-to-high wanted inclusion, moderate wanted control, and moderate wanted caring needs. It seems as though his personality, his talents, and his experiences make it easy for him to be liked and appreciated. If others do not respect him for his talents and his self, then there are many lessons that those others need to learn. This young man IS a huge success story already. Bravo for picking up on this and making it a part of your work! (I'm on page 101 of your excellent leadership book!)I'm a new fan of your work!

debbe kennedy

Dear Bill,
Thank you for stopping to share your insights and observations on Adam Lambert's leadership qualities. I think you summed it up nicely! It has been affirming to know that others recognize Adam's amazing gifts and perhaps unknowingly he is teaching us to have a beginner's mind about the new and different. As I continue to practice seeing DIFFERENCES DIFFERENTLY, I'm discovering how much we have to teach one another on a level I hadn't realized if we are bold enough to pay attention outside our day-to-day view. The possibilities for "mutual mentoring" are endless. Thanks for your kind words! I am most grateful and would love to know the value you found in the book when you finish it.


Chris Kenny

It is through "seeing differences differently" that you (Debbe) were able to pick up on the three leadership skills you identified. Thank you for showing many of us how to use the skill of "seeing differences differently" so that we can learn and grow.

Maraed Walsh

Dear Debbe,

Your comments were very satisfying for me, as I observed these same traits in Adam Lambert. I find him to be very special in his sincerity, his humor, and the example he sets, aside from his talents and professionalism. He definitely gave me some things to think about.

Thanks for your thoughts on this exceptional young man.

Maraed Walsh

Debbe Kennedy

Dear Chris and Maraed,
Thanks so much for expressing the value you received. So appreciated it!

Once in a long while, someone comes along to teach us things they may not even realize. Adam surely did this for many of us. I don't think the lessons are over. He seems to have a rippling influence on people I would never have suspected. Think what I affirmed is how important it is to be OPEN to receive the NEW and DIFFERENT. It refreshes your thinking and spirit. It means developing a real genuine curiosity about others who aren't just like you.

Go Adam!


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