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What you say makes a LOT of sense to me... Taking care of ourselves and helping each other go together. It's something we (and I) often forget.

Your stories reminded me to take care of my own needs. Your experience of recovering from the illness and overcoming obstacles inspires me. And your sharing these experiences like this (virtually) gives me examples and models of what I can do too.

Eric Hellman

Hi Eric,

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read and write. I really appreciate it.

I enjoy talking with others and helping others where possible virtually. Like to do it in person as well, but do not always get the chance. By creating this friendly virtual atmosphere to talk we can all learn from each other. I do not know everything and am always trying to learn and grow.

Today as I rode paratransit to a meeting of blind and visually impaired people I talked the complete way to my destination with the driver. His attitude was so friendly and upbeat it was contagious. About halfway there we picked up another person who was on the way to dialysis. I had been on dialysis for around 10 weeks, so I knew a little about what goes on during dialysis from what I was told. I was in a coma at the time of my dialysis treatments so had to rely on others when awaking from coma to tell me this had happened. I no longer need dialysis , my kidneys came back luckily. The point of this story is all because of the attitude of one driver a completely blind person and a person going for dialysis treatment started out their day a lot better because of the attitude and friendly conversation of one person. Friendliness spreads, be friendly to others and we all can be much happier and successful. What a difference our days could have turned out if we all rode to our destinations in silence and never got to know each other and hold positive conversation.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to hear from you and others again.

Bill Tipton
Contributing Author,
Global Dialog Center

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