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Hi Bill,
you want to keep busy, because if you stop and reflect on your condition, it will be difficult to feel good about it. There are so many examples in daily life that can upset us, and yet it is often better to ignore them and spend our time on the positive side. Which does not mean watching TV (I think that's a negative), but rather doing things that give you the feeling of progress and personal satisfaction. That means different things to different people.

When I think about your predicament, that of knowing your eyes are there and can move, but you don't see, I think I would go mad. Whenever I try to go around in darkness, I long for a light switch.

I daydream watching a nice tree. How would I replace the view if my eyes could not transmit that to me? Would I play music that would stimulate that same side of the brain? I don't know.

Everybody will tell you that you are inspiring to them, because you keep good spirits under adversity. Yet nobody thinks that you too will have difficult moments, when you just want to give up. You are human.

I think we just have to recognize those moments, and let them pass. Forget about all obligations and expectations for even a few minutes. Maybe even allow ourselves to cry.

Testing your comments.

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