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I have to do the same "line up" prior to meetings that you do, Bill. It's a great organization technique. I used to measure myself each day in efficiency terms - lots of multi-tasking; I have changed the metric to effectiveness and find that evaluation is more appropriate.

There is a tool for mobility impaired workers provided by HP called RSI-Guard which allows one to keep track of keystroke information and keyboard/mouse stress. The statistics are compiled into reports which enable one to try to balance weekly/monthly workloads. The keyboard stress also shows frequent key combinations for analysis so keyboard macros can be written. There is a break-timer which guides a time for stretches, etc. It also has a "Auto-Click" feature which means that mouse double or single clicks are automated.

Another is that we all need special equipment to be successful - and we need to make our managers aware of our needs early to allow for budget planning (if needed). HP also provides training on software or hardware tools for accessibility. Managers are eager to help all of us be more productive, but it is up to us to open the dialogue. Special headsets, microphones, switches, keyboards, software, tablet and other input devices all combine to compensate to advance effectiveness.

My favorite tip to organize meetings is that I use DNS (Dragon Naturally Speaking) to take a print screen of slides during netmeeting or HP Virtual Classroom, then paste them to daily notes I keep. I can then speak my comments on the slide during the meeting with DNS and keep track of my questions/to-do..Some days the notes are really large, but I can edit when I review.
I use Franklin Covey Plan Plus which helps coordinate my world into a neat "notebook" syncronized with Outlook and I use DNS/Tablet input/occasional keystrokes to keep track. It also allows easy searches when I am trying to remember a name, an URL, etc. Sometimes I even record (after advising the presenter) and retain presentations for playback.

I'd love to hear how others organize and compensate. I'd also like to know about tools which help build effectiveness. I'm so excited to find this forum.

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