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Hi Bill. I've thought long and hard about this one. A couple thoughts came to my mind. First is that when you do a job, what you're actually doing is helping somebody or a group of people. A few weeks ago I started to work for the Infant Welfare Society, stuffing envelopes. However, due to a problem with the printer, that job is on hold. When I did that job, however, I was helping out the Infant Welfare Society, whose mission I am rather unsure of. I did a Google search for them and the link I clicked on required a password to view the site. So I left because I didn't want to run the risk of harming my computer. But anyway, that job was a lot of fun so far. This morning I put in a phone call to find out the job status, and someone is supposed to call me back. I had also been teaching a neighbor Windows but that is also on hold at least from what I can gather. However, there is one thing which I truly dislike in all this. That is, a lot of times my phone calls have not been returned. This has happened not just with that neighbor, but several other people whom I will not mention right now. I am pretty sure this neighbor is still interested, at least that is what he says. But how can I be sure of that? Some people here have suggested that I am trying to control this neighbor in some ways, if you know what I mean. However, this isn't the case at all. I like him as a friend, and I want to help him out. I am not in any way trying to do anything more than just be his friend. Other than these two jobs, only one of which is supposedly going to be a paid job, I have nothing else going except for a few leisure activities which I do in my spare time which lately has been almost all day, if not all day 24-7. There have been a few exceptions. There are also daily chores which need to be done around the apartment, and I help my roommate with those. This leads me to my second thought, which is in part related to the first thought. I really need to get out of the apartment more and do stuff. I may or may not be going home this week to be with two of my sisters while our parents are out of town. But this is dependent on the Infant Welfare Society job.

I got side-tracked yesterday and was not able to finish what I wanted to say. I found out that the Infant Welfare Society job is most likely starting up again next week. In an earlier post or two I mentioned that I have not yet had an O&M assessment. This had been one of my goals in order to determine how much O&M instruction I will actually need, and what specifically that O&M instruction is to focus on. However, due to an extremely bureaucratic system with workers who have a most paternalistic attitude, I have had no such assessment. At this point, however, I will admit to not really needing any formal O&M instruction. I am going to take a cab tomorrow night to my parents' house to be with two of my sisters while our folks are out of town, and I've done that many times before so I am quite comfortable with it. I have used the same cab company now for a long time, and they have been truly wonderful. There were a few occasions when I had nasty and rude drivers who didn't want to help, but it seems that all the rude drivers have left the company upon me reporting said drivers. One of my future goals is to take cabs and not always rely on friends and family. However, I still feel I need some O&M instruction in order to be able to give drivers adequate enough directions. Most drivers I think know where they're going even if they are not native to this country, but in the past I have had to attempt to give directions. I have contacted a few members of my FLFP team, a team assembled to assist me in goal planning and then meeting those goals. The fact remains that in order to have a job one must be able to find his or her way to the work site. It does not work the other way around, possibly with a few exceptions.

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