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Wow, sounds like you had a good time! Loved the way you described the different engine sounds. Seems I remember some of those sounds from back in the day and yes, they were loud! LOL!

Take care,

Aunt Sharon

Your article was written so Good it was like being there. I enjoyed it. THANK YOU for your Day at the Race...Sandy

Hi Jake and others,

Jake; sounds like you had a great time at the Indy 500. I have never been there yet. I’ll bet it was fun in the Hospitality Tent as well as experiencing the race first hand.

Your comments made me think of another couple of great racing experiences I was lucky enough to experience.

Would love to go to the Long Beach Grand Prix each year when formula One (F1) would race at this location. This was back when Mario Andretti was still racing F1. This race was very exciting and interesting with the international crowd. Was able to talk with people from all over the world who followed F1 auto racing. Also went to some Formula One motorcycle races at Laguna Seca. Laguna Seca is a road course winding through and over the hills covered with grass, shrub and trees above Monterey California. Talked with the global community at this world wide event. Was able to watch Randy Mamola and Kenny Roberts dual it out on the race track. This was some of the most thrilling racing battles I have seen. I can no longer see with my physical eyes; the images are permanently engraved in my minds eye.

Battle On The Race Track

Randy Mamola and Kenny Roberts jumped out front of the pack of other motorcycle racers as the race started. With Kenny and Randy in the lead the pack came down the gentle hill that turned left gradually from the start finish line. Already going very fast with the riders backsides pushed against the back of the seats and leaning forward with chest on the gas tank and face tucked down behind the faring to create as little wind drag as possible. Soon they were coming into a sharp corner very fast. Both riders were side by side almost touching; at times they did touch. At same moment before turning into the corner each rider popped upright, scooting up towards the gas tank to block the wind to help slow them down as quickly as possible as they downshifted through the gears. At same time heavily applying front brakes; so much the front forks would compress down causing the motorcycle to lean forward. Both riders still side by side, only inches apart at most, both riders would lean into the corner and stick their knee out and drag it a fraction of an inch/ centimeter above the ground at most. The rider on the outside was leaning over the other motorcycle that was going around the corner on the inside. As soon as they came out of the corner both riders would give it the throttle and start up-shifting through the gears causing the back wheel to spin with this instant burst of acceleration. At same time of this acceleration burst rear tire was spinning. Rear tire would also slide sideways a bit as tire tried to get traction. The motorcycle looked like a bucking bronco as it twitched and jolted around as the riders regain control as they flashed away. As they accelerated out of the corner their front wheel would raise into the air still side by side with almost no space in between each rider. Both would blast down the straight-a-way at exhilarating speeds until they had to brake for next corner. Each corner and every lap they would be embraced in this battle. The crowd was standing most times to watch the demonstration of racing skills being performed at its best.

Thanks Jake and others for bringing back these great memories. Going to have to try out a motorcycle race without vision.

Hope to hear from others. Is there other things you used to do before you became disabled you would like to do again? Any obstacles you need help overcoming before you attempt to try your passions? Maybe you have been disabled your complete life and were told that some thing’s might not interest you; but for some reason you have a burning passion to find out for yourself?

Cannot wait to hear from others.

Bill Tipton
Contributing Author,
Global Dialogue Center

My husband and I attended our first Nascar race in may at Richmond Speedway. I really enjoyed it. It was great fun. Bill's advise on packing earplugs is the best advise you can give to a person new to car racing. I am glad we went with experienced race fans who told us to bring ear plugs. The noise is extremely loud. I gave the couple in front of us ear plugs. No one should be there without protecting thier ears. Right after the race I hurt my back while cleaning our swimming pool and I was out of the office for several weeks. Roy teases me about getting hurt on Pit Row at Nascar.

Hello Patty,

Thanks for stopping by, reading and posting your comments.

I sure hope your back is getting better.
I know what you mean about the noise. I think that is one of the reasons I like racing; besides the speed and competitiveness of the cars, teams and drivers. I also enjoy the race atmosphere and the fans that attend the races all seem to enjoy life and know how to have fun.
When you mentioned the loud noises from the NASCAR I can remember the San Jose Grand Prix race I attended. They had historic NASCAR’s at event and it could be possible those cars were the loudest. They made a low pitch very loud noise which rattles you down deep inside. The CHAMP cars that were at event were very loud as well; but their pitch was a higher wind so it did not rumble you as much. It all was great!

Recently I have been following the Flying Lizard Racing Team.
About Flying Lizard Motorsports

Founded in 2003, the Sonoma, Calif-based team is competing in its fourth season of sports car racing with the American Le Mans Series (ALMS). The team fields
two Porsche 911 GT3 RSRs: the No. 44 and the No. 45. Seth Neiman, Lonnie Pechnik and Darren Law are sharing driving duties in the No. 44 Porsche for the
2007 season, and Johannes van Overbeek and Joerg Bergmeister are teaming in the No. 45 Porsche.

I recently even ordered and received one of their Flying Lizard Motorsports racing shirts. I was told it looks very good – I am completely blind and cannot see a thing

Does anyone else have any racing stories to share? We would all love to hear and bring back memories of when we were at the tracks; or better yet; behind the wheel. Are you planning on attending a race soon? Any other tips to share to help us have the best possible racing experience?

Bill Tipton
Contributing Author,
Global Dialogue Center

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