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Hi Bill,

Richard's story is so moving. It really helps put a perspective on taking personal responsibility for your life and also the power of collaboration.

Thanks so much for sharing Richard's story. I know it will inspire many to reach for more in their lives.


Hi Jake, Debbe and everyone,

For those of you who took the time to watch the video I am so glad Richard had the same positive influence on you he had on me. Richard really exemplifies what it means to live positively.

Jake, you might not have noticed you could order Richard’s video on DVD or VHS video tape. Instructions for ordering are below where you watch video. Then your peers at CIF might be able to view easier if they had a DVD or VHS player. Go to the following URL.

I ordered a copy on DVD to show others
I know who do not have a personal computer or maybe do not know how to use. They really enjoyed video and were really glad I took the time to think of them and help them to live a little more positively. After they watched video I could hear how their voices had more positive energy. I thought to myself these people who just watched the video were ready to collaborate with others more positively with more confidence.

I even share the URL to this blog post so others can see how positive thinking and collaborating can help you succeed! URL I share is below.

Do others have any comments after watching video? I cannot wait to collaborate positively with you to help us all!

Bill Tipton
Contributing Author,
Global Dialogue Center

This video has changed the way i used to think about Perseverance and Postive thinking.

Thank you Richard and Bill for sharing the video.

Hi Niranjan Sridharan,

I am glad you found the video inspiring. When I listened to Richard give his talk as he played video to audience I was also forced to think about my perceived difficulties.

I may be completely blind, need two canes to walk and have other challenges. I will strive not to let these obstacles limit my happiness and prevent me from reaching my goals. I am glad the video had same effect on you as it did for me.

Have others been able to watch, or listen to video? What did the video mean to you? We would like to hear your thoughts.

Bill Tipton
Contributing Author
Global Dialogue Center

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