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Hello all,

I hope everyone is having a very good and positive day.

Was listening to a recorded radio show on ACB Radio called Marlaina - Connecting the Blind Community that will help us with our topic of living our life’s at our peak performance. Marlaina’s guest was Debbie Hazelton. Marlaina and Debbie discussed holistic medicine, healing and the need to take time out for yourself.

They talk about personal growth, alternative healing ,and the value of finding your meaning in life.

Topics talked about;
• Prayer
• Meditation, value and techniques
• Some disabled have many surgeries and what affect that might have on them
• Medical conditions, waiting for organs for transplants; what stress this waiting may cause
• Depression
• Reiki, learning about your own energy to heal
• Positive thoughts and the value of

Take time out for yourself and listen to this show at the following URL.

The voices you hear at beginning of show that sound a bit non-human are screen readers; computer generated speech by software; in case you have never heard a screen reader before Screen readers are what the blind use to use a personal computer.
Has anything worked to help you live a better life, that you want to share with others? All of these things we talk about are not only for the disabled. These strategies and tools are universal in value and can be equally used for non-disabled or anyone facing special challenges.

More of Marlaina‘s shows can be found on the following web page.
Marlaina - ACB Radio - Connecting the Blind Community

Cannot wait to hear your stories of success and how you accomplished these. Go out and live life at your peak performance and have fun while you’re at it!!

Bill Tipton
Contributing Author,
Global Dialogue Center

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