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What a great apple picking story! I love the descriptions of the apples. My husband's cousin is a fruit farmer, and we have very pleasant memories of "picking times" at his farm. I think that it would be worth a try for someone who is blind or visually impaired to approach a farmer and ask to visit their orchard. You just might find one who would love to share his story!

Hello Jackie and all,

Thanks for your comments and great idea Jackie.

What kind of fruit does your husband’s cousin grow? I’ll bet picking and visiting the farm was very enjoyable.

I like your idea about approaching a farmer and asking him, or her to share their story, and pick some fruit if in season. I would think most of the farmers have very good and interesting stories to share. I also think it is a shame to loose the memories of our past when times were simpler, at least in the area where I live.

I used to mentor a person who was blind and in a wheel chair. She told me about her very fond memories of when she was growing up on her farm in Santa Clara County California. During the time period she was telling me about the valley was covered with country farms with all kinds of fruits and vegetables. She told me about how she could see blossoms as far as she could see in all directions certain times of year: she had eyesight at this time. She told me stories about all the family members doing the picking each seasons in the fields and orchards. She would even pick after school; leaving time for her homework. She told me how all the neighbors would be “good neighbors” and come over to help during the picking seasons. She told me how hard and gratifying the work was. My mentee told me how her dad would build large Spanish guitars by hand that took many days to complete. These guitars were the talk of the town. The guitars were very decorative with a lot of fine wood work with a lot of detailed carvings and different colored in-laid wood. Her father would play his guitar with others who would drop by with other instruments late into the evenings as the family and neighbors would dance out back of their house. They had a large flatten dirt area where all would dance. They danced so much the dirt was very hard and packed. It was so hard it felt like they were dancing on a wooden dance floor. She could remember dancing under the bright twinkling stars in the fresh night air. Back then they did not have street lights like they have today to block out the brightness of the stars. Back then there were very little houses in the Santa Clara Valley and they knew all the people who lived all around for miles. Everyone who lived around would help each other like family with out expecting anything in return. from her loveing and passionate description sounded like a very pleasant time to live in the Santa Clara Valley.

Does anyone have any other experiences they would like to share with us? Other stores about farms? Does anyone else have ideas about activities the disabled or people with special challenges could enjoy?

We all look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Bill Tipton
Contributing Author,
Global Dialogue Center

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