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Hello! I just completed a Readers Theater Diversity Video which I found pleasantly impressive. There were ideas expressed there that I was surprised and happy to hear. I find myself very interested in some of the concepts I heard and those that developed in my mind while watching the video. Are there groups/task forces in this area? I would love to be part of this effort.
Sincerely, Gail Katz

Hi Gail,

Nice to meet you. Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

I am glad you liked the Readers Theater you were able to watch. The feelings that come up from seeing such portrayals and the responses of others are powerful. I was in a Readers Theater recently. You can read about my experience at a recent story I posted called Readers' Theater: any thoughts?

I will send you a private message with some ideas that will help you in your goals. You can also check out Readers Theatre Digest
To sign up for a reader’s theatre newsletter.

I think your goal of getting connected to be part of the effort to help people understand differences in people is a good thing and should be valued. Wish you the very best at achieving your goals.

Does anyone else have any thoughts and ambitions for 2007 you want to share with us? Need any help achieving your goals? We all would love to help.

Bill Tipton
Contributing Author,
Global Dialogue Center

Hello Bill and Gail. The one main goal for 2007 that I have is this: either get a job or find some more adaptive technology training. Another goal of mine for 2007 is to get some formal O&M training. These had been my VR goals, but due to a set of unfortunate circumstances that were beyond my control but which could have very well been prevented, none of these goals have become reality. Long story short, my state VR agency has been playing games with me again. I think my parents are starting to feel the same way, but what is rather odd in all this I suppose, is that my parents seem on the one hand to be rather content with how things have been thus far. Regarding the O&M goal, my neighbors and a few other friends have been taking walks with me outdoors and I have used my cane, but the reality of it all is that these neighbors and friends won't always be there to help me. If I do end up getting a job, or if something else arose where I had to get out of my building quickly and seek shelter, I'd be stuck. It's just that simple. Sure I can use taxicabs and/or paratransit to get around, but these are at times very costly and I feel that in order to be truly independent one has to really know their surroundings well. I vow to do whatever it takes, even if my parents and others stop me dead in my tracks. I think it is a crime that my state, Illinois, is ranked so low in terms of these services. The fact that nothing has been done about it is just appalling! Very few people who work there even know what they're doing and actually care about the clients whom they serve. Or maybe not, it's just so hard to tell anymore. One thing which I have given serious thought to over these years is joining the Illinois Council of the Blind. I have just subscribed to their email discussion list and am going to inquire about membership dues and the like.

Hi Jake and all,

Jake I think it is an excellent idea to join the Illinois Council of the Blind. After joining I would find a local chapter of the Illinois Council of the Blind and attend the meetings. You will meet lots of people who can help you for sure! Just after I went blind I joined my local chapter of the California Council of the Blind. I attended the meetings while I was still in a wheel chair. The group was invaluable and I highly recommend getting connected to such a group.

One of your goals is to learn more about adaptive technology. I think the following is a great source of training.
Access Technology Institute

I have taken some self paced training from them and I have really enjoyed and learned a lot.

Does anyone have any other goals for 2007 they want to share? Any tips for achieving our goals?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Bill Tipton
Contributing Author,
Global Dialogue Center

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