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Hello Bill and everyone. Bill, these are all great tips to avoid low self-esteem. I'd like to add one more. This I think ties into not letting those pesky negative thoughts take control of you. Focus your efforts on something which you know you're good at, and if there's some other aspect of the topic which you don't know but would like to learn, devote time to it. That's exactly what I'm doing. I have taken a keen interest in computers, specifically the Windows operating system and programming. I have spent the past few weeks doing online research, and trying to learn all I can. I still want to do something about my VR situation, but right now I seem to be the only one who feels that way. So I have taken it upon myself to learn Windows programming. I'm sitting here at my computer typing away, with an XM radio station playing in the background.

Hi Jake and all,

Jake, I think that focusing on something you know you're good at is a great way to start to grow your self esteem. Performing well on the project you select will aid in giving you more confidence to tackle another one of your goals that might be more difficult, or unfamiliar. Thank you for sharing this excellent strategy to help us start the positive momentum for personal and professional growth. With more successes your self esteem will grow and grow. Soon you can move into areas that are not familiar to you, without much hesitation. As you mentioned when you do move into new areas and tackle these unfamiliar challenges; do not expect to be an expert right away. It takes time and commitment to learn the skills needed to be proficient at the new task you have selected.
Be sure to make this new learning opportunity a pleasant experience and not negative. As Jake talks about; listening to XM radio while learning skills to be more self confident might work for some.

Does anyone else have suggestions or observations on what it takes to build your self esteem and confidence? Any other tips to help us? We look forward to hearing from you.

Bill Tipton
Contributing Author,
Global Dialogue Center

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