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I am so touched by your story, Bill. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read about your trip and the acceptance of this very special award. You are a true inspiration to me and you give a whole new meaning to life! Thank you again, Tamara

Hello Tamara and all,

Tamara thanks so much for taking the time to post your thoughtful and caring message.

I am very grateful to be able to share my experiences in how I prepared for trip and a successful experience at awards ceremony. I know that every person is unique and has different needs and learning styles. I hope sharing what I learned on my trip and the value of preparing a well thought out speech that all can learn from helps everyone; not only the one giving the speech. I hope fear of the unknown or obstacles do not prevent you from accepting any new opportunities that come up for you to make a Differnce in your work, community or the world we all live in. I hope we will accept any opportunity that arises even if it is a bit out of our standard comfort zone. Maybe the task we may be asked to do we have never done in our current physical condition; like myself. If done with planning and with safety in mind you may be able to accomplish more than you think you can.

Does anyone have any thoughts about my initial message? Do you have any suggestions or advice about how to prepare yourself, or others for successful opportunities when they arise? Being honored with the award I received requires working with, and learning from others. I hope we can do the same here from each other. We all would love to hear from you.

Bill Tipton
Contributing Author,
Global Dialogue Center

Congratulations on the much deserved award. I'm not sure you'll remember, but prior to my retirement about 18 months ago, you used to review and provide feedback to me on web-based learning I was developing. You always took the time to walk through all the details and provide me pragmatic and pratical advice to make the experience better for visually impaired learners. Not only did your advocacy make the training better, but it provided me with personal insight and sensitivity I never had. As it turned out in 2006 my wife and I had a baby daughter who was born visually impaired. The lessons I learned from you have helped me as a parent in more ways than I can mention. Thank you.

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