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Inspiring story, as always, Bill! Most of us live life assuming that everything will stay the way it is, and as a result, we forget to notice or appreciate what we have. As Joni Mitchell sings in Big Yellow Taxi: "You don't know what you've got till it's gone." Your story is a timely reminder to pay attention and enjoy what we have. It's also a testament to your great resilience and grace of spirit in bouncing back from catastrophe.



YOU ROCK! What strenght and courage that you bring to life as an example to all of us!

Warm regards your buddy,

Julia Stone

Bill: What an amazing story. Happy Anniversary. You and Kathy are really wonderful, inspiring examples for the rest of us. Thank you for sharing you story with me. Your friend, Flo

Dear Bill,

What a heart-warming and amazing anniversary story. May God bless you and Kathy!

Debbe Kennedy
Global Dialogue Center

Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for your heart warmed wishes and comments. We really love sharing our anniversary joy with everyone.

Avril, thanks for reminding me of when Joni Mitchell sings in Big Yellow Taxi : "You don't know what you've got till it's gone.”
(Full text of lyrics: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/j/joni+mitchell/big+yellow+taxi_20075370.html

I really like that song and had to listen since you reminded me of it. Listening to that song makes me think a lot of times; we really do not know what we have until it is gone. Also reminded me I have wanted to find the time to teach myself to play the acoustic guitar by ear so I could play songs like the Big Yellow Taxi some day.
Here is a great link Bill Brown's Music for the Blind: http://www.musicfortheblind.com/

If anyone wants to read about my 19th wedding anniversary read Vacationing with a Disability.


Does anyone else want to share any experiences in which you did not know what you had until it was gone? Any special events like anniversaries you want to share with us?
We all look forward to hearing from you.

Bill Tipton
Contributing Author,
Global Dialogue Center

This was a great great article. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary. Whenever I think anything is challenging in my life all I need to do is read one of your amazing stories to put some perspective into things.

Happy Anniversary, Bill and Kathy!
You always remind me that we renew ourselves every minute of our lives!

Hi Bill;
Your message and link to this blog was a god-send. I was just feeling extremely sorry for myself today. I can have a geat pity party when I want to. Your message truly made me re-focus. I just finished celebrating my 31st anniversay and compared to what work is putting me through right now, you're right - I need to just enjoy now.
Bless you,

Dear Bill.

What an inspiration you and your wife, Kathy are! Charles and I were so happy to meet up with you last week at Debbe's book launch.

When we were asked to write down something about ourselves that people might not know, I wrote down that I was a "memory maker". What I meant by that was that I work hard at creating memories for Charles and me so that we have blessings to remember always.
I don't want "things", I want happy memories to carry with us forever. It is why we went to the launch and celebrated with Debbe and yourself and so many others. It was a memory in the making for us.

I'm not sure you know this, but your story was instrumental in this decision in my life to make memories. After meeting you in 2006 and witnessing your strength and passion for life, I decided to live everyday to the fullest because you just never know will happen...

Charles and I will celebrate our first anniversary next April and I hope we have many more to come. But no matter what awaits us, I do know that we will cherish each day together and create wonderful memories that will give us joy always.

Thank you Bill!

Gayle, I very much enjoyed meeting you again at Debbe’s book release reception. My wife Kathy enjoyed Charles and your company as well. I was very happy to get to meet Charles in person during the very happy occasion.

With your great attitude, zest for life and true happiness you and Charles will have many wonderful and joyous years to celebrate together. When I am around people like yourself and others like those at Debbe’s book release reception it is like I can almost see. This is because what I see is not with my physical eyes. I see and feel the positive energy from all around me shine through my darkness.

Guy; Kathy and I very much enjoyed your company on the same trip. The time flew by during our dinner and afterwards as we talked for hours.
It is like how the time has gone by so fast with Kathy and our marriage together. All good things go by too fast.

I wrote about my wonderful anniversary week at Celebrating Life: http://globaldialoguecenter.blogs.com/disabilities/2008/06/celebrating-lif.html

Carol; I look forward to hearing more from you in future. Thanks so much for all of your help.

Does anyone else have any anniversary’s they want to share? Any other celebrations of life and joy you want to talk about? We all look forward to hearing from you.

Bill Tipton
Contributing Author
Global Dialogue Center

Hi Bill

You are an inspiration with the endurance to overcome each obstacle put in your path. You and Kathy deserve a wonderful Anniversary so I hope you Dance until you feel the joy and love you have for one another. I really like this song as well and when I need a boost I listen to "Dance with Father again" by Luther Vandross, my Dad was my inspriation growing up and I need it as an adult sometimes also.
Have a Great Dance....your friend Cathy

Cathy, thank you very much for the anniversary wishes.

Cathy, thank you for sharing your memories around Luther Van Dross-Dance With My Father Again. I replied to your thoughtful message at Importance of Special Songs.

Is anyone else celebrating any anniversaries? We all look forward to hearing about your special anniversaries and how you celebrate one of life’s beloved gifts.

Bill Tipton

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