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Hello everyone,

Want to share with you all I was able to participate in a couple of my traditions I enjoy during the holidays.

I put up my Christmas tree and placed all of the ornaments on the tree. It took me three days. I need to rest my back after a few hours of hanging ornaments. It takes me a while locating a place on a branch where the ornament can be placed so it is equally spaced with all of the other ornaments and not next to like shaped ornaments without any eyesight. It also takes me time to find the box and the tree again after taking the ornament out of the box. I am very happy that I was able to complete this fulfilling tradition for me. Even if I cannot see the beautiful tree I want it to look beautiful for others who have eyesight. I can still remember what a Christmas Tree looks like when I was not blind and in my minds eye I can see the tree I decorated glittering and sparkling with a wide range of bright and cheerful colors. When another blind person comes over to visit I want them to be able to feel the tree with their fingers and hands and see the beauty in this tree I decorated come through their darkness.

I was able to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends. We all had a very good time like I talk about in Best Gift of All.

I even had a home made Italian fig cookie (Cuchidahti). It was very delicious. The cookie was just as delicious as I remembered from when I had one last year.

Has anyone else been able to participate in any traditions? Any that have special meaning; and if you do not mind; can you let us know why this particular tradition is so special to you? Any traditions that you missed?

Bill Tipton
Contributing Author
Global Dialogue Center

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