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I think this one is a good message for all.


DO TILL YOU TRY.............

I enjoyed it very much. Thank You

Remarkable .
I have been on walks with Bill, and I know that his hearing has developed far beyond the normal range.

Even sighted persons should challenge themselves to try things they normally think they can't do. I remember playing 4-square as a child and loving it. Inspirational article.

Hello Sandy, William and Linda,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your valuable thoughts and insights. We all really appreciate it.

Sandy, I hope you go out and try something you think you could not do. I think you can accomplish it!

William, you are correct my hearing is better for some things. It is also worse for other things. For example when I am in crowds and a lot of people are talking all at once it is hard for me to focus on who is talking; since I can’t see the person’s mouth that is moving and making sound. I can not see what way they are facing to recognize who they are talking to. In these situations all of the talking gets blended and blurred together as one large noise. At least my navigational and precise hearing for some things is better to keep me safe and allow me to accomplish some things by sound only.

Linda, I completely agree with you. All of us should continue to challenge ourselves to the best of our ability. In our life we never know what will come up down our path of life. The more we practice trying things we are not comfortable with or not sure we can accomplish the better equipped we will be to handle unexpected challenges. We would feel more comfortable participating in fun; like I did when I chose to participate in the 4 square game.

Has anyone else accomplished something you did not think you could? Any tips to help us to challenge and extend ourselves beyond our comfort zones? Does anyone need help? We all look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.

Bill Tipton
Contributing Author
Global Dialogue Center

Thanks for the inspiration Bill!

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