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Bill's question: "Does anyone have any suggestions or comments to help us increase the amount of opportunities we find? Any suggestions to help us be as ready as wee can be to accept the opportunities with eagerness and passion? "

Start with your dreams and hope - write them down. Write down even those ideas of living in Tahiti reading books on a beach if you like! Write down places you'd like ot see, things you'd like to do, and most important: how you can make a contribution to the lives of others. That's the first step. Do this with your spouse or with a good friend. Everything else will flow from there.

Hello Tony and all,

Tony, I like your idea of living in Tahiti reading books, or listening to books on tape or CD on a beach. That environment would get me in the frame of mind to go after and create opportunities with a renewed passion to help with ones goals and ethical values.

I agree that writing down your dreams and desires will help keep them in focus. In today’s busy, and at times hectic and troublesome world we live in, there are many interruptions and non-critical tasks that can distract us from our goals.

As Tony reminds us as we go after our opportunities the most important thing to remember is, “how you can make a contribution to the lives of others” as you make your opportunities a reality.

Does anyone else have any suggestions’ to help us create opportunities? Find opportunities? WE all look forward to hearing from you.

Bill Tipton
Contributing Author
Global Dialogue Center

Good morning
Thanks for this article

(Opportunities, How to be Prepared)
really it gives me a strenght and way to prepare in life once again thanks

with love

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