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I took a leap into the unknown quite sometime ago, by leaving a secure job and going the route of the self-employed. AND not just any secure self-employed route but one that aligned with my gifts and talents and yet was/is slightly ahead of the curve in terms of mainstream acceptance.

It was easy to take the leap, once I resonated with the the life law... tell the truth beginning with myself. It seemed like a simple thing, but in so many ways throughout my life, I was totally out of synch with the truth and instead was living the life dictated by what? - ego, what others wanted to hear, or see of me, of avoiding the truth of reality and only seeing what I wanted to see.

There is pain in seeing and accepting the truth, but once past that, living the truth becomes the only way to live. Making conscious choices becomes easier and easier.

Thank you for your inspirational article and thought provoking questions.


From the sounds and tone of your language in your thoughtful and insightful message I can sense you made the correct choice, by taking a leap into the unknown.

It also sounds like you found new meaning in your life and work.
How did you find the truth you talked about? Any tips to help others accept the truth, once we discover what our truth is?
Thank you for your valuable insights in ways one can takes steps to taking, at times, necessary steps into the unknown.

Does anyone have comments to help us? Any more insights of wisdom to help us not fear the steps into the unknown and accept our new path with joy, peace and gratitude?

Bill Tipton
Contributing Author
Global Dialogue Center

I took a huge step. In 2008, I was forced to leave a job I loved. I went through a serious illness followed by chemotherapy. Chemo left me with several physical conditions. I had worked my entire life since the age of 15, even while completed my degree. My parents instilled in me a strong work ethic which I carried throughout my career. Despite by my best efforts to stay at my job, I realized that management was out, it was just too stressful and taxing on my physical strength. Thus, I went out on disability. Having worked for so many years, I would get up in the morning and have nothing to motivate me to be a productive member of society.
That all changed recently, when I found out about JLodge, an employer who only hires disabled people. JLodge was founded in 1999. Since that time, JLodge has become an industry leader for employing college educated, physically disabled individuals who are productive, motivated, and loyal.
I wanted to share this with those of you who might be facing the same situation. If you are want to find more information about available positions, please go to their website: jlodge.com/careers.

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