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Bill, truly amazing and with your varied skills you would be an asset to any firm. I hope there are insightful readers of this blog that can utilized your determination and talents in the face of adversity.

Wow, Bill! This is excellent. It's so hard for people to summarize their talents and skills in resumes and CVs when they need to find new work.

Your post gives all of us so many great examples that we can use to help us think about our own past life experiences and translate them into transferable skills.

Thanks Bill!

Hi Bill,

Thanks for keeping me on your list.
I'm looking for more markets for stories about those with disabilities, so keep me posted if you find some that are accessible by the blind. By the way can you listen to the Web publication, Disaboom?

Evonn (writer, Careers and the Disabled)

Hi Bill,

I agree that you've offered some great ideas for transfering skills that make all of think differently about what we have to offer.



Hello Gayle, Fred, Debbe and Evonn

Thank you for your valuable comments that emphasize the value of describing transferable skills.

Evonn, I can read the information on Disability Information and Resources – Disaboom with my screen reader.

Evonn, as you are demonstrating from your initiative and creativity to find resources, the value of networking is a very valuable transferable skill that all can benefit from. Read what I wrote about skills needed to find and retain a valuable network at eSight Networking Forum: Tapping Your Network in Time of Need.

Evonn, I will send you more resources to help.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions, success stories and best practices of translating past life experiences into transferable skills.

Bill Tipton

Contributing Author
Global Dialogue Center

Hi Bill and others,
You have asked about techniques. Well, one I have used successfully with programmes for empowering disabled people in career development is a personal SWOT self-assessment - undertaken bravely, and honestly, and if possible seekng the views of close friends colleagues etc, this is a powerful way to explore strengths, focus on opportunities for action and tackle weaknesses you may want to improve. Its vital during these times we seek to exploit our diverse range of experiences of impairment and disability in a proactive and business focused way to add value to our USP. This short article captures my approach to empowering disabled people in the workplace and in developing our careers:


Keep spreading the word!

Hello Simon and others,

Simon, excellent ideas and suggestions. I also agree one should tackle weaknesses with the gratitude of having the ability to do so, in some instances. Strengthening one’s weaknesses will enable us to be better prepared to say “yes, I can”, with confidence at our next exciting opportunity, instead of hesitantly passing it by!

I enjoyed your article on your approach to empowering disabled people in the workplace and in developing our careers and thought it contained valuable insights.

Does anyone want to share any techniques? Any additional ideas to empower disabled people, and those perceived to be differentin the workplace, and have our skills leveraged and recognized?

Bill Tipton
Contributing Author
Global Dialogue Center

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