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Hi Bill,

I've found an interesting correlation in between the extent of appreciate I feel for what I have and the amount of _additional_ goodness that seems to flow into my life almost as a result of simply giving thanks.

Appreciating what I have also just makes me feel better.

Thanks for a great post. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Happy Thanksgiving, Bill! Thank you for making a difference in my life!

A powerful story, Bill... Thanks for reminding me of the power of our spirit-- and to remember to be thankful. - Eric

Very moving story that puts life in perspective. How you've lived your life, Bill, is a role model for us all. Thank you.

Your an inspiration! I am very fortunate to part of your and Kathy's life! Thank You!

Cristi Dunne

My Dad always told me the measure of a person's proven character was expressed in the ability to accept and overcome adversity. Your gratefulness is inspirational, Bill.

Happy Thanksgiving, Bill and Kathy!!!
Love, Debbe

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