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Inspiring post, Bill! Loved your photos too!
Your story gives encouragement to us all to get out there and see life and the world with a new outlook. Thank you!

Bill - enjoyed the hike last Thursday and was amazed at what you pick-up from your senses. From hiking with you and reading this post I have learned to appreciate that which is around me. Let's hike again.

Hi Joe, Debbe and all,

Joe, Debbe, thank you for your comments.

Joe, I truly enjoyed hiking with you as well. I can’t wait to participate in such a relaxing, and yet invigorating physical activity as hiking again.

Does anyone have other stories, or examples of where challenges did not stop you from pursuing any recreational activities you enjoy? Any other tips, suggestions or stories you want to share to help us all succeed?

We all look forward to hearing from you.

Bill Tipton
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Global Dialogue Center
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