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Thank you Bill for such an inspiring story. I am on my way to visit my mom for my regular 2X week visit. Today, my time with her will not seem so mundane because of your story. You are right, whether something new and unknown or something routine, we should persue with the excitement of anticipation. Thanks again.

Hi Bill :) Having just attended my 20th high school reunion, I still had many of the same feelings. Though I am blessed to have my sight, I am not a person that handles small talk with virtual strangers very well. It was a tough decision for me to go. After many years have passed, memories are clouded and I didn't remember most of the people there, and many times the yearbook pictures still didn't help.

Even though my feelings of discomfort and trepidation were with me through the night, I'm glad I went and shared an evening with some of my long-lost friends.

I am happy that you decided to got to your reunion, as well. It is better to experience all that life offers, rather than sit idle and watch it slip by.

Hi Bill,
I'm so glad you got to experience your 30th reunion. (I really enjoyed my 20th a couple years ago). It sounds like it was a great night for both of you. I think life is filled with many of these opportunities and risks - and we all must make decisions on whether to face them and grow or run (and we often ignore them or avoid making time or find reasons we can't do something out of our comfort zone). Sometimes I embrace these situations and other times I run scared :) But there are many examples of these in my life starting with my husband and children and the road that led me to them - where I ended up extremely blessed for taking the chance. I think this is a great reminder of the blessings that come with taking risks. Thanks for sharing and take care.


Hi Debbi, Kelli, Linda and all,

Debbi, Kelli, Linda, thank you so much for sharing your thoughtful and insightful comments with us.

Debbi, I am joyful you will pursue your mom’s visits with excitement and anticipation.

Linda, prior to losing my vision and almost dying I did not handle small talk well. I also did not socialize or engage with others, with gratitude, as much as I do now. I am very happy you overcame your discomfort and trepidation to experience everlasting memories with your long-lost friends.

Kelli, I very much agree life is filled with many opportunities and risks, and we all must make decisions on whether to face them and grow or run. I am joyous you have taken risks and cherished opportunities to grow.

Has anyone else experienced feelings of potential discomfort, only to find out the action of participation and engaging in new experiences was well worth the risk? Have you found it easier to avoid risks or avoid making time to experience new feelings, or find reasons not to do something out of your comfort zone? We all look forward to hearing from you.
Remember, extending yourself not only helps you, it could possibly help others you touch with your companionship!

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