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Dear Bill,
I woke up today dreading some of the chores I had to do. I was angry because I need to deal with an insurance company who won't cover thousands of dollars of damages to our property (they won't cover wind!) and I have to chase down a vacation rental owner who is attempting to steal a lot of money from us.

And then I read your blog post and realized how lucky I am. Instead of being unhappy at the end of 2011, I suddenly feel blessed. Thank you Bill and all the best to you and your family in 2012!

Gayle :)

Bill, thank you for your example of a gracious hospitable individual. When my mom and I went over the hill to Santa Cruz with you and Kathy, the trip was such a delight for both myself and my mom. She had such a wonderful time and enjoyed you and your lovely wife's company. In this season of gift giving, often monetary gifts take the place of more personal ones. I am finding that the precious gift of one's time is the most valuable gift of all. The time spent in your family's company was my mom's best gift so far in 2012. Warmest Regards, Debi Roberts

Hello Gayle, Debi and all.

Thank you for your valuable comments and demonstrating appreciation of others by taking the time to contribute to our conversation. Also your comments are an excellent example of how we can provide our time to initiate ideas and contribute to our conversation as a gift to all.

Does anyone else have additional comments that might help us?

We all look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments to celebrate appreciation and value reflection.


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