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Great sharing! Your descriptions were so vivid I almost thought I was there with you. I used enjoy going to the car races when I was younger. I would attend each year the Indi (the one Canadian city on the circuit) and the local Mosport (the Canadian equivalent of NASCAR). I stopped going for a variety of reasons but your account has inspired me to revisit those reasons and, hopefully, try it again.

As for a "story to share", I had not gone into the water for approx the past 3 years because, with the lose of leg control/usage, I was afraid of drowning. Two weeks ago, we moved homes and the new house has a lovely salt-water pool in the backyard. With the loving support and encouragement of my husband, I decided to take the proverbial plunge. It was a miracle! To my incredible surprise, I discovered that a "controlled water environment" was very liberating for me. Once again - in a long time, I had the feeling of being in control of my legs. Now, I'm eager to "jump in" on every possible occasion.

This has only re-affirmed, for me, 1) to NOT let fear stop me from trying things, 2) to see the funny side/laugh at the unsuccessful attempts, and 3) to celebrate the successes.

Bill, as one of my favorite brothers in law married to my favorite sister in law, this was well written and a pleasure to read. Thanks for sharing.

This is a great read! As a person who attended a NASCAR event at the age of 5 and cannot remember anything, this is a great interpretation of what I probably experienced and saw. Thank you.

You are such a good author, I felt as if I was there! Great article Bill. Keep them coming and I'll share this with some friends & colleagues! Cheers

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