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Thank you Billy for your positive thinking and reminders of what is important in life. I think everyone has challenges their facing, which seem especially hard during the holidays. I appreciate you,Kathy, your mom and dad and my best friend, your loving brother, Ron, each and every day! Much Love to you and Kathy.((((((hugs))))) Devie

Hello Bill, Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!
Please continue to spread optimism and joy around you with your words! I have learned so much from you, and I continue to talk about you even after so many years that we rode the tandem together!

Hi Bill, wonderful sentiments. You are always SPOT ON. Wishing you the best for this holiday and future ones. We are struggling to find positivity this season as a loved one looks like she will never leave the hospital. Your words are inspiring and I'm about to read them to my family.

Thank you Jill, Devie and Guy for your thoughtful comments to aid in our discussion.
Devie, I am looking forward to seeing you in person soon.

Guy, I will also never, ever forget the relaxing /exhilarating tandem bike rides we had together.

Jill, your family has been in my thoughts and prayers ever since I heard about the sad challenges you and your loved one are experiencing.

Does anyone else have any experiences to share or suggestions to help us with any of the points I noted in my blog post? Any other thoughts or comments to help us enjoy the holidays and the closing of the year with passion for life and caring for all?

I look forward to hearing your valuable thoughts and comments to help us have the most wonderful holiday season ever!

Bill Tipton

Contributing Author

Really enjoyed your uplifting and positive article...may God bless you.

Bill- as always your articles are top notch and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Thanks for the beautiful insights! God Bless!

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