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Thanks to you and your friend. You had a great experience together. Thank You

This is a very good dialogue.
We were glad to hear that you had a very good time riding the ferry boat and walking around San Francisco, and Sausalito.
We know you had a good lunch.
Mom and Dad.

Hi Bill,
So glad you had this opportunity and enjoyed it so much. I had visited Sausalito way back in the early 80's while on a business trip to San Francisco.
Your description has made me pine to make that trip again when I'm back in the Bay Area with a bit of extra time.
Thank you for your wonderful description.

It was really nice reading your article as always Bill, like one of the comments above, your description makes me wanting to experience your trip :)

I enjoy new activities too! Bit of story to share from me. When I was 19, I almost drowned at a waterfall and it almost cost me my life. I was very afraid of any water related activities since. Water activities scares me. However, during my honeymoon at Maldives, I experienced Scuba Diving! It could be a normal activity for some people but for me to overcome the fear of water and experience wonderful creations of god. Of course, the life guard literally carried me through the journey. I was there for 5 days, after 3 days of sitting on sideline and seeing people enjoy scuba diving, I finally manage to pull myself together to try it out and it was worth the 'risk'! I had a chance to see such breathtaking view under the sea. Cheers!

Hello Pragash, Karen, AJ, Bill and Sandy and others,
I am happy you found my experience I describe enjoyable and thought provoking.

Karen, I hope when you get back to the Bay Area you will be able to take another relaxing ferryboat trip to Sausalito if you have the available time.

Pragash, your almost drowning experience sounds terrifying. I am glad you overcame your fear of water after such an incident. I am also grateful you were able to experience scuba diving with the required precautions on your honeymoon in Maldives to fully participate in the underwater life where you were able to see an experience up close and personal.

Does anyone else enjoy experiencing new activities and want to share these experiences with all? What did you learn from taking these calculated risks to overcome any discomfort and what seemed like obstacles?
We all look forward to continuing this valuable conversation.

Bill Tipton

Contributing Author, Global Dialogue Center

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