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It was great to spend some time with you and Kathy, and I really enjoyed getting to chat with you.

Bill and Kathy, your article describes our time together perfectly. Thank you for writing and sharing so I could relive it. It is always a joy to spend timw with you. Xo

Also I woild just add that vacations like this are such a blessing for the children too. They loved it.
Love. Kelli

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Bill. We all experienced a great moment in time. Seems we all were needed to relax and and get away. Take away memories for me were singing under the stars, sharing meals and laughter, walks on the beach, and playing cards with the kids. Great time.

Thank you Matt, Kelli and Laurie for taking time to provide your thoughtful comments to contribute to this discussion. I also agree with all the points you brought up.

Does anyone else have thoughts or comments regarding family vacations, vacations in general and the value of taking time out of our busy lives to help us all and to also help the ones we spend the time with?

I look forward to hearing your valuable comments to help us continue this important discussion.
Bill Tipton

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