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Thanks for the article Bill. I think this strikes home to many of us. I can say for certain if you own your own business you know this feeling for sure.

I can't say that I have followed your advice though. I have not had a vacation longer than a 4 day weekend in more than a decade.

On weekends and longer holidays I find myself planning out lists of chores I need to do at my home to fill the down time. I would say that I find most of the chores a break even though they are technically work. I find the physical labor I do when I am not "working" as good as any time off.

Thank you Michael very much for your valuable contribution to this discussion.
I also agree some work can be a form of relaxation.
One example where this is true for me can be read in a blog post I did called “Home Maintenance: Disassembling Wooden Frames Without Eyesight” located at:
Does anyone else have any comments to add to our conversation?
We all look forward to hearing your valuable thoughts and comments.


Bill Tipton
Contributing Author,
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