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Hi Bill,
This is a great article and a tribute to the qualities you demonstrate for us all! Thank you!

All of your points are great. I think many are really good reminders to those of us who are not considered to have some disability, but who may have gone through some other trial or hardship. It is up to the individual to choose what they do when they go through hard times.

It often is a great way to improve ourselves if you choose to see it as a way to do that.

Thanks Bill

Hi Bill,
Each of those skills and senses are vitally important for every position in an organization. What's remarkable is how you view the value you gained by from the circumstances that occurred in your life. We have not met yet and I hope we will at some point. Will you be at CSUN this year?

Thank you Debbe, Michael and Jim.
I appreciate your feedback and valuable comments that can help us all succeed. Jim, unfortunately I will not be at CSUN this year. I also hope we can meet in person someday as well.
For those who do not know what CSUN is, you can learn more about this beneficial conference at:

Does anyone else have any comments to contribute to our conversation? We all look forward to hearing your valuable thoughts and comments.


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