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#2 - Nanopaper--As strong as Iron and made out of wood

Nanopaper In Sweden, another kind of "paper" has been invented.  Using a very old material, cellulose extracted from wood, Swedish researcher, Lars Berglund have changed conventional paper into a much stronger material. He has figured out a way to make celluose nanofibers and then use a standard paper making process to make paper out of these fibers.  The result is paper stronger than cast iron and almost as strong a structural steel.

Here, again, we see a common, easy to grow material, provide new and important qualities of strength simply by finding a new way to process the material.  The concept of a "paper house" stronger than steel is very interesting.


Google: nanopaper 
or http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/06/080609090706.htm

Source: Science Daily

Joel Barker's Good News Blog
at the Global Dialogue Center


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