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Joel Barker's New Ideas to Consider

New-ideas-postit This is the beginning of a long exploration. It is a response to people asking me where they can find good news about the future. This will be one place, though it won't be exhaustive.  I will add new items as I see fit on my schedule, so the examples will grow in fits and starts.  My goal is to give you as a parent or a grand parent or an older sibling, a place for find stories that give the younger children and adolescents around you reason for being positive about the future.

I went through more than 200 positive articles to sort out the first 10 new ideas to share with you.  I'll try to add betweeen 5-10 each week which means about 300 stories a year that show how human beings around the world are working to make it a better place.  Of course, it is my definition of "better" and I am sure some of you will disagree with my choices. That's what's nice about a free market. You can disagree with me at no cost.

One more thing: if you have a report on some positive idea for the future, feel free to drop me a note about it. If it meets my own criteria, I'll happily include it with a reference to you.

I will always try to give you a URL to go to to gather more extensive data and, if there are pictures, I'll try to include them since kids love pictures!

See the posts that follow to  to see my first 10 new ideas for you to consider.

Here we go!

Joel Barker-- Joel

Joel Barker
futurist, filmmaker, author

Joel Barker's Good News Blog
at the Global Dialogue Center


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Hello, Great idea this site !! You give me hope for a future ! I propose that the President make an offer to the world that the U.S. Military forces and resources will be available to the world as a disaster team units. The very worst suffering would be addressed immediately upon signing of signing of a global cease fire. Whatever party either individual, terrorist cells, governments, organized crime, breaking the cease fire would have the rathe of the world upon them..with appropriate penalties attached. Africa, the middle east all have populations that have long suffered. Is it too much to ask for the world to take a year off from war ? I mean it is so damn obvious that what we have been doing is not working...or has any prospects of giving us a even reasonably good future...So, has anyone ever asked the world maybe...hey...why not...we can always kill each other next year ! What the hell, might just be interesting for a change....Next thing you know, might just become a popular hobby to help your neighbor.... And learn something about other cultures before we hate them ...? I know I'm dreaming....but perchance...Thanks for what your doing ! Maybe more will follow...and we can start making our future instead of being afraid of it !!!


Thanks for the Good News Page:

This company (Raser Technologies) has developed a new low Temperature geothermal process to produce electricity. They achieved it with Verge innovation with United Technologies.First 10 MW plant just went on line:


Bill Decker

Wow, thanks for a great educational site for kids. I am so glad you followed through with your inspiration to give young people some things positive to deram about!

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