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Extending the discussion

Verge-sm Hopefully, you have come to this site because you have seen my video, Innovation at the Verge. This blog is going to extend the discussion by highlighting new examples of innovations at the verge and by offering periodic discussions about the Verge concept. If you are a trainer, these stories will, hopefully, expand your choice of examples for the Innovation at the Verge workshops. If you are just curious about the concept, these examples should offer further proof of the utility of the idea.

There will be no “regular” additions of examples since I discover them irregularly. But, please, if you have examples, please offer them. I will evaluate them and add those I think meet the “Verge” criteria.

I look foward to hearing from YOU!

Jab square-smlst -- Joel 

Joel Barker
futurist, filmmaker, author


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Hi- I heard a portion of your interview on Coast to Coast and was intrigued by the idea of "innovation at the verge". I work in public policy and am constantly looking for ways to get stakeholders to work together to create innovative and sustainable policy solutions, especially where education policy pertains to foreign language learning. I assume your idea applies to policy choice making and formulation as well as physical innovation.

How can I best apply your theory to the formulation process of the public policy cycle? In other words, how can I guide stakeholders towards innovative "at the verge" style policy making? Is there an accessible online guide I might review?

Thank you-

C.B. Crocker

Dear Mr. Crocker:

My "Innovation at the Verge" video will be available starting January 30th. You can go to to preview it for free.

I believe the concept works with any set of ideas as long as you are working with the combination of differences. I also think you need my tool, the Implications Wheel, to evaluate the long term implications of your innovative policies. Go to

But I believe the most immediately useful tool for you is Debbe Kennedy's new book, "Putting Our Differences to Work" ( which will give you a roadmap for putting together the properly structured teams to do innovation at the verge.


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