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What identifies an "innovation at the verge" ?

I spent three hours in conversation on Coast to Coast AM radio show. We discussed exciting new technologies and other innovations at the verge. One of the listeners, Emily, sent me a question about what identifies an "innovation at the verge." Unfortunately, she didn't leave her full email address, so I am responding here, so everyone can benefit.

It is very simple:
Innovation at the verge is when two or more elements that are very different from one another are joined to create a single idea that solves problems the separate elements couldn't.

FE Here is an example I gave on the show:  the fork lift that is also a weighing scale for Fed Ex. It is the combination of a forklift and a scale--two very different elements that, when combined, make Fed Ex more productive.

Jab square-smlst -- Joel 

Joel Barker
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