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Hi John,

I love your 8 Key Points and want you to know I am reposting them at www.Creditland.org, a website I publish about living in debt.

Thank for your great work, you are also featured in the creditland "Heroes and Champs" gallery of photographs.

With fond regards for your work and vision,
Tobin Brogunier, Publisher


I like that John Perkins cares. And, incidentally, I really like his word 'corporatocracy', which I use all the time.

While I would never want to discourage people from caring, I can't say that I care about saving capitalism. You can have it, if you want it. But...

It's people and their intentions that really matter and the subject of what sort of system we choose to live under is separate. I just don't believe in capitalism - which means that I don't believe that you can create a 'perfect' capitalism - even though I basically agree with John about the way capitalism works today and I'd be happy if caring people managed to get capitalism to work 'better'. But how do you get a ripe fruit to be something other than what it is? Because neoliberal/disaster/predator capitalism is really just ripe capitalism in my view.

In my view, Money exists for one reason only, namely so that 'some' can have more of it, and more of what it buys, than others. That's all.

Money is indeed, as the apostle Paul said long ago, a root of all sorts of evil. Paul, however, did not council Jesus's followers to attack the money system, such as it was. His admonishment to flee from the the things that money 'can' do to men was really an admonishment for people to embrace something else, namely a godly form of living, and to have good intentions toward others.

The corporatocracy's leaders did not lead the rest of us down the 'only' path there is. Darkness isn't the only path available to us, even as imperfect humans. The corporatocracy's early fathers chose to break rules that we all, sensibly, live by as human beings and social creatures, so as to gain advantages and dominance in society, with which they could thereafter, in their minds (then and now), guarantee outcomes and thereby ensure their own security. Well, That's one way to go about society-building. The problem with their choice is that it wasn't really easier, let alone morally superior, to do that instead of simply pulling together with the rest of us to make a system that works for everyone.

So, Here we are, living under a corporatocracy in which a minority does okay by feeding, like a vampire class, on the majority, which, since it (minority) chooses to be infected by the virus of predatory, vampire capitalism, it must also disparage and denigrate. Because it's a lot easier to exploit a 'bewildered herd', an 'unruly rabble', or what have you, than fellow citizens, some whom may be relatives, brothers, sisters, friends, etc.. So the people, who must be preyed upon, are the enemy.

There are shocking situations in the world where that reality is underscored in dramatic fashion, such as in Haiti, where the Haitian elites, allies of foreign governments and their capitalist partners, who live in gated communities in the hills outside Port Au Prince, keep the majority of Haitians in nightmarish poverty, again with the help of corporatocracy governments. ("The army is our first enemy," [Jean-Bertrand Aristide] insisted, and in "Haiti like anywhere else in Latin America elections are in the hands of the oligarchy who use them to undermine popular demands." -pg 31 of "Damming The Flood," by Peter Hallward) Elsewhere, A bit of thinking is required by the people to appreciate the lessons John Perkins and others who also care are trying to teach.

Here in North America, the capitalist class can't lose. They have sophisticated propaganda, brutal (draining and distracting) work culture (but not as bad as it could be, clearly) and consumerism (fed by propaganda that says that capitalism is the true religion).

We also have information overload that peoples elsewhere would give arms and legs to have access to. But the capitalist class seems to have that one covered, as each of us sits in isolation in front of the boob tube watching hockey, dance with the stars or what have you. My beef with my fellow majority citizens isn't that they self-tranquilize. I'm human and I need that too. My beef with them is that while they do that they need to still care. And there isn't enough care among my own class to make a difference. And you can't make people care.

A final word about capitalism, if I may make this overly long post a little longer. You can run a man down with a crappy, beater car. Or you can just go about your business, buying groceries, taking the kids to school and going to work, in that same car and never harm anyone in the process. It's what you, the human being driving the car, intends to do, that matters.

Additionally, You can get that perfect, supernatural car maker to make you a perfect car, which he'll do for you if you are good, and you can then use that to go about your business of living peacefully with your neighbors. Unless you don't believe that supernatural, perfect car maker exists. Or worse, Unless you believe he's you.


Have read all three of your books, wondering what is next! Have been very interested in the information given in all 3!

What are you pursuing at the present time--since the SECRET HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE? Am encouraging everyone I know to read any of your 3 books--the information you provide is verified by many other sources--thanks for putting yourself "on the line" so to speak to provide this information--it's sad more people are NOT interested in knowing how the U.S. Govt really works/i.e. doesn't really work--around the world! Beyond sad--despicable behavior on the part of the U.S. Govt and U.S. Corporations!


Nations govern by Mafias,Cabals,Conspirators out to loot the Natural recsuroes n Commonwealth of their Peoples cannot claim to practice Capitalism. And this is true of majority of African Countries. They do not allow truely Free Enterprise to thrive.They tax the people without deploying the revenue to sectors to enhance free enterprise-infrastructures,functional institutions and facilities,etc. They practice Nepotism,Favouritism,frauds,scams,etc all that corrupt n distort true Capitalist practices. Africans in d majority see themselves applying their Mind/Reason to the problem of survival,with most achieving little or no success. That's why poverty is ravaging the continent. That is why Africans are the Beggars' of the World.That is why Objective Moral Truths n Justice derived from Capitalism still do not quite hold water' in Africa. And Nigeria is a classic example of where Capitalism as described is not allowed to thrive.

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