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Debbe Kennedy

I loved this post! It is so true that our spontaneous responses...and what's behind our NODs can be powerful. Recently, I had a chance to recognize just how powerful a NOD can be as a gesture of ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and APPRECIATION too. I actually learned this from watching ADAM LAMBERT on American Idol this year. In one of his most BRILLIANT performances early-on Adam demonstrates. It was moving see him turn, stopping in MID-SONG ON-STAGE before the song finale in front of millions, to give the band a intimate thank you gift--- A NOD wrapped in two seconds of Adam's undivided attention and gratitude. It transcended words and you get to see it. Adam Lambert - DISCO NIGHT: Play that Funky Music Worth watching

I hope I can be more conscious of giving this same kindness to others in my own world and trust and pay attention more to spontaneous responses.

Debbe Kennedy

John Renesch

Thanks Debbe, glad it struck a chord with you....as they said years ago, words are only a small part of our communication (like seven percent or so) ...the rest is nonverbal. Love your example from Idol too!

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