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John Renesch

A colleague - Bruce Bronzan - had lunch together as I was hatching this post so I gave him a preview and he responded with the following comments:

As we discussed at lunch on this topic, I personally think that if you can think it, it is not too early, and the world is ready for it to at least be introduced. The point you make on ego has some truth and I understand what you are saying. But I would lean more to a different aspect of that person’s psyche. Part of the problem with folks who say or think the world is not ready, etc, etc, is they are not appreciating the natural process involved and their place in it. The whole nature of ideas is that new ones don’t take hold immediately and make a sudden change like waving a magic wand. They always start as just ideas, often in a lonely post. It is the norm for many new ideas to be resisted with little or no effect at first. That is the nature of a new idea that changes things. But if it is sound, it grows over time and through many stages, gaining strength, definition and size – not unlike a seed tossed into fertile soil -- it can’t not grow.

There is a stage of critical mass achieved and real change begins to happen. This evolutionary process can’t be avoided. Thus each part of the process has its own independent and equal value. Each point on the road is equally valid—for its time. The world is thus, always ready for each point. It is just that one who comes up with a new idea needs to realize where she or he is on that road and simply respect that. They are where they are. So if it is at the beginning, then it is, well….. at the beginning. That is its place. That is what the world is ready for. And the world is always ready for that point at its time.

I would go one more step. One could argue that a uniquely honored point along the way is that first one. It is so because it is the hardest, and loneliest. It is always easier to get on the band wagon somewhere down the road. But the first point – the idea – is a uniquely human event of creativity. The folks who question whether the world is ready should think more in terms of the beauty of the position of being able to have that unique creative spark and simply accept the nature of that step. I would think that this interpretation of their psyche is more positive. Such a person needs a Zen perspective to how they see themselves and that point (any point) in life. The real remedy to the person thinking the world is not ready is nearly a spiritual one. The remedy is found in a clearer awareness of their place in life in general, followed by acceptance, and peace – if not joy – with that.

Not to belabor the above points – but let’s take a pop song – “Imagine” by John Lennon. Was that idea ahead of its time? Well yes, in terms of the world actually changing. Was the world ready for that as an idea? Absolutely! It became an anthem that is still being played to this day at the Olympics. But let’s go a bit further. Was John Lennon one to say, “Naa, don’t release that song, the world is not ready for it”? Obviously not. But the reason didn’t have much to do with ego as it had to do with the fact that he knew exactly where he was in the process and accepted that. He was at peace with that position because of the clear spiritual place his mind was in. Interestingly enough, the words in that song also reflect that very thing. Maybe, that is one of the reasons I love that song so much.

Bruce Bronzan

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