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Hello Alex,

My compliment. I have the impression that "meaning of life" has virtually lost its grip worldwide, among the powers and the pleasures that be. But I tell you, Viktor Frankl lives on, in the humble hearted vioceless people. Remember, the world's psychology is still deeply move under the influence of Individual power and pleasure.

Is like seeying and do not see, hearing and not hear..., because all these vital part of holistic life have evaded the modern man, in the quest of blinded individualistic, capitalistic tendencies .

Alas..! we hold firm, knowing that;
"despite all circumstances..., life has meaning"

Alex Pattakos

Dear ? (I'm sorry that I do not know your name),

Thank you so much for your kind and insightful comments, and for noting that "Viktor Frankl lives on." Individually and collectively, we can ensure that the human quest for meaning is never lost; especially perhaps among those who may have been blinded (to use your words) by "individualistic, capitalistic tendences." I truly believe that the "cry for meaning" can be heard loud and clear and that the search for meaning is a MEGATREND of the 21st Century. As long as we all "hold firm" in the way that you have suggest, I'm confident that we can (and will) create a better world for all! Thank you again. Meaningfully, Alex


Dear Alex,

Thank you too, meaningfully. All what we are and have is "meaning", it is the breathe of our existence.

Thanks again, keep me posted.

Life has meaning...



I just finished reading Dr. Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning." But he accomplished his hope in me when I read it because I will NEVER really be finished with it. His work and insight has changed my entire concept of life. I have always thought that when I accomplished something or when a certain trial was over that I would be able to truly understand happiness. I was so blinded by what is only before one's eyes, not within oneself. Suffering has meaning and it is not only POSSIBLE to find a certain happiness in it, but is most definitely there. Each moment, whether in pain or joy is of supreme value, not to be dismissed but savored as a part of life. I owe a huge debt to all those who were open to learning this through the most extreme conditions. "Man's Search for Meaning" should be required reading for every human being at some time in his or her life. Some might come to understand it, while others might, at least, question their own preconceived convictions about life, suffering, inspiration, example, faith, and hope.

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