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people are idiots, they ask, what is the meaning of life or who him i supposed to be in this world. Hey morons we are a random occurence in this universe. People ask who is god. they even give god a prefix, which is usually he. There is no divine benevelent power guiding you to become who you are supposed to be. Ok people Quit trying to comfort your selves with the thought of a loving deity. Ok i can respect people whose life goal is to find love in all things and who just want to be happy

Dr. Alex Pattakos

Hello Justin,

Thank you for your comment. And while I do not agree with your perspective on life, I do respect the fact that you have shared your opinion. For this reason, I will refrain from calling your either an "idiot" or "moron." Moreover, it is my hope that your life goal is to find love in all things and be happy!

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