Bob Sutton

In reference to the following: "Any CEO with this record would have been removed and walked out the door in a scandal a long time ago”.

I heartily agree, although one could have said that about many other presidents. Ronald Reagan created staggering deficits (at least they were impressive until recently) yet he remained popular. Bill Clinton's personal life was under constant attack (largely by people who were without defensible moral values themselves and too craven to engage him directly, but not completely without basis either) yet he remained popular. Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter were the butt of many jokes and failed to gain (re)election, but from the perspective of the reign of Bush II, look more and more like high points in recent presidential history.

So how then did Bush II gain office and why do we only now find him so reprehensible?

I think the answer to the second part is that many people are only now feeling the pain of the Bush regime as we pay $3 for gas and more and more people know personally a casualty of the senseless tragedy in Iraq.

The answer to the first part is that Bush is not a CEO - no one in their right mind would give him that position - he was elected by the voters of this country (eventually), and our electorate is not a board of directors. But still, how did such a specimen gain office?

Was he elected (or nearly so anyway) by christians because, having no other qualifications, he pandered to them so abjectly and blatantly?

Was he elected by people who vote out of habit rather than intelligent reflection?

Was he elected by people who vote based on television commercials, not the candidates' records?

All of the above. Bush II was installed in office by money and pandering to special interests by an electorate that just doesn’t pay attention to the facts. Again, you can say "Hey, that's the way politics is!", and you would be right.

So, we are to blame. Our political system, our under-educated electorate, our complacency, our puritan ancestors … What can we do about this? I’m still looking for the answer.

Debbe Kennedy

Enjoyed your insight.

The more I think about it, the more I am convinced we all hold some of the blame at some level. While we were busy enjoying our comforts, things have reached a state of out of control at one time unimaginable ... or was it always there and we were sheltered from it prior to the Internet?

What seems clear to me is we need to raise the bar on expectations of our leaders of every kind.

Suppose it starts with you and me.

"My life is my message." --- Gandhi
Nice goal!

Thanks for sharing your perspective.

Debbe Kennedy

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