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John Renesch

Debbe! I have to go "atta girl" on this post.

I've been wondering where our national outrage has been hiding out because it certainly isn't showing up in any meaningful or healthy way. Those of us who have raised issues of concern often feel like a lone voice in the wilderness....yet what choice do people who care about the world and our sisters and brothers who make up the human family have but to express shock and outrage at the way our country is behaving.

I know many are hoping things will turn around when the Democrats get back into the White House. I wish I could be that optimistic ... things didn't change overnight when Bush came in. Our arrogance and hegemony has been on the prowl for several generations, allowed by a slumbering citizenry. Perhaps entranced would be a better description as people occupy themselves with so much busy-ness they pretend to not notice...why? If they noticed they'd feel guilty unless they did something!

As a people we Americans are getting the government we deserve. Hopefully, posts like yours and the egalitarian nature of the Internet will rally more people to say, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

And then do something!!

Debbe Kennedy, Global Dialogue Center PERSPECTIVES Blog

Dear John,
Thank you for stopping by to enrich my intended message. This week there were so many signs that demonstrate how little we listen to one another; how easily we grab a word or two and let it become our truth about others or accept less than the truth because we are too uninformed to know the difference. We also see in this story how much is kept and deflected from our consciousness by under-reporting from our media and intention of our government to keep us dumb and focused on the enemy of their chosing.

What has stunned me is watching big powerful leaders, with an opportunity to set an example for others --- a sign of TRUE LEADERSHIP STRENGTH --- instead choose to walk out in a childish parade, publicly ridicule "invited guests" before they listened to one word, in what seemed an obvious attempt to cover themselves --- then wonder why our reputation as a nation continues to decline.

Then our media, guided too it seems by "talking points" fed to them, pick out the most provocative sound bytes as truth and twist and turn them to meet political needs for more power and war. Brainwashing us all by repetition. It made me feel ashamed to watch. This is not what I learned about being a leader.

I'm not taking sides, but as I wrote about President Lincoln and other leadership sages in a recent previous post, real leaders act differently. The immature, bullying, self-interested behavior witnessed this week from some of our top leaders was quite heartbreaking.

Yet we sit helpless at their whims with the drumbeat sounding for what appears another WAR, coming soon, to add to what is already a raging out of control situation.

In desperation, I write. Thank you for joining me.


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