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Clyo Beck

Hi Debbe,

I was just writing a post for my prayer blog in which I expressed the hope that Barack Obama is elected president.

I agree with your post. It's sad that bashing people who are trying to do something positive seems to be an ingrained Republican behavior. I can't help but wonder if it's something embedded in their biological as well as their political DNA.

It really seems that one has to have a certain lack of empathy (and a lack of mirror neurons) to gravitate toward the Republican platform of recent years.

Of course Republicans like McCain are pragmatic politicians and wouldn't say such things if there wasn't a market of millions who wanted to hear them, but I digress.

I do want to draw your attention on a couple of typos in your post:

"...on behalf to all of us..." should read:
"...on behalf of all of us..."

"This is what I want to belief is possible...their is magic in believing..."
should read:

"This is what I want to believe is possible...there is magic in believing..."

Also you need a closing quote after "straight-talk express
so it reads: "straight-talk express"

Maybe I'm too picky, but I agree with your post, which is well-written, and I hate to see its credibility marred by few little typos.

By the way, I do believe in "the magic of believing."

(Now won't it be funny if I have a typo in this comment?)

Debbe Kennedy - Perspectives...Global Dialogue Center

Dear Clyo,
Thank you so much for writing! It was meaningful on several levels. First, it was validating. We share the same prayers. There is something so wrong about the experience of the last week in our politics. We need to encourage new thinking and make way for new Light. I find it very disappointing to see senior statesman so visibly attempting to squelch and ridicule a new generation of thinking and leadership to keep their grip on power, don't you? It violates the responsibility that comes with the honor of being an elder.

Also, your message was such an unexpected act of kindness. Thank you for calling my attention to the typos. Interestingly, I intuitively knew when I posted it I might have missed errors in haste...and proofing is my weakness. :-) My eyes play tricks on me. You are so right that the mistakes do matter. So I am most appreciative!! (and hoping I didn't make any here :-)


Debbe Kennedy - Perspectives...Global Dialogue Center

The value in these observations of others is the prompting to look at oneself...to use the same "yardstick" for ones own behavior. I will. I must. I am.

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