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Love and Gratitude Can Change Our Lives

Ripples_4Dr. Masaru Emoto in Japan has had some astonishing discovering about water and its hidden messages for us. Are you familiar with is work? It has spread throughout the world, making us all think and question. His work was featured in the landmark film, "What the Bleep Do We Know!".

At the Global Dialogue Center, we have an online self-learning exhibit at our Knowledge Gallery that honors Dr. Emoto's work ---- Wisdom in Water. We invite you to visit. You can see and learn how our words, music, and our actions and behavior ----and particularly love and gratitude truly impact our lives in our roles as leaders, mothers, wives and partners---and influence the lives of those all around us.

In his newest book, the True Power of Water: Healing and Discovering Ourselves, he writes...

"Love" and "Gratitude" Change the World. Water responded to words used to talk with children. This made me think that water might respond to information regarding mothers and fathers who pour love on their offspring. After writing various words on paper, we showed them to water."

The words Dr. Emoto selected for the experiment included words that hold a sense of love and gratitude, including: "the taste of mother's cooking," "mother's care," "wife and mother-in-law," "umbilical cord," "happy home," childbirth," "mother's milk," "child care," and "sense of security." Except for one, all of these words resulted in forming wonderful crystals. "Wife and mother-in-law" didn't form a complete crystal.  The results of exposing the water to these words showed that water responds sensitively to words which carry a sense of "love" and "gratitude." He writes in conclusion... "Water was affected by the vibration with the feeling of 'love' and 'gratitude.' This must be true with you who are water and the world you are in."

Go see the online exhibit now. In just a few minutes, you will see all he says come to life in amazing pictures that truly tell the story of the Wisdom in Water that can change our lives and our world.

Debbe Kennedy


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