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Well. I read this blog from time to time and I also have my own blog (in Swedish). I know how it is, lots of people read it and only a few comment on it.

I personally only comment when I have something special to say. I rarely say things like "oh this is so good", and especially when I don't know the people who has the blog.

But I do think this blog is "oh, so good" :) Keep up the good work, it's very inspirational.


I enjoy the messges, and view them as my home page. Life is very busy and I sometimes think our computers and the internet clog up our lives instead of filling them -- so I use the internet in ways that free me, instead of creating another task.
Still, I know communication is important -- it's hard to keep putting it out there without something back.

So, believe that the many "hits" you get are a sign that you are reaching us. I'll try to post from time to time.

Debbe Kennedy

Dear Maria and Ellen,

Thank you both for writing in today!!!
I was very happy to know that each of you are finding value in the Women in the Lead INSPIRATION Blog in your own way.

Maria...you did have something special to say. Thank you.

Ellen...really liked your idea of using the Internet to free you. It can and does for me too.

So, Maureen and I will keep on...with a little smile on our faces, knowing you and many other women are out there "listening."

"There is a place between voice and presence where information flows..." Rumi

Debbe Kennedy

Maureen Simon

Debbe, Maria and Ellen,
For me writing the blog over the past six months has been a great learning a source... a clarification and a place to share thoughts and ideas. I always feel a sense of presence. It has been great to hear from both of you and I know that there are many, many more fine folk out there.

Debbe,your last blog entry was good in that it raises important questions-- how much of what we create is subtly being received. I am learning that this subtly or silence can be very significant....at times more so that the visable .Ah....the undercurrent of life!!!
Thanks everyone,

Debbe Kennedy


This is just how I felt in the beginning ---pushing send is frightening. But look at the meaningful message your wrote! Your truth will help others out there hovering. --- Like anything else with practice comes ease. Thanks for stopping.

Both Maria's and Ellen's posts above also made great points that we all think, learn and experience things differently. How great we can all help one another in so many ways.

Maureen, I agree. Must admit writing this way has heightened my awareness of others in a way I had not noticed before.

Great talking to you all!

Debbe Kennedy

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