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I swear, you live inside my head. Truly, I think you do! I have been struggling (and I DO mean struggling) for the past few weeks with an onslaught of negative thinking that has just about done me in. Seriously crippling stuff... so I am absolutely going to take you up on your challenge... starting now! Thank you so much for this -- I just love your blog -- I can't tell you how many times it has provided me with the needed momentum or comfort or encouragement to get where I needed to go/be. Thank you!

Janina Browarska

Thank you Debbe for these wonderfully inspirational words. They serve a lifetime.

Best regards

Debbe Kennedy - Women in the Lead INSPIRATION BLOG


LYNNE: I am so glad to hear the timing was so perfect. I would say the same with you. It is always good to know we connect. Let me know how you like the 7-Day Mental Diet. It works anytime those negative feelings come over and with a little practice you can get really good at turning on those positive vibes.

NINA: Thanks for stopping by to say hello. It was great to sense your presence. How are you doing? I know you've been working hard to forge a new path. To your best year yet.


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