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I swear it, you totally live in my head. Honestly - whenever I check in, whatever you guys have written is EXACTLY how I'm feeling, or what I needed to hear/be reminded of. Thank you.


I love the words you have written, Debbe.

It is us ourselves who bring values and meanings to our life.

Even in the darkest abyss, you can hold a ghost of dawn light from the bottem of your heart. And that is love and belief!

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Isn't it nice when we find a few words to touch us. We all bring them to others, sometimes unknowingly.

I love the idea of being lifted by the "dawn light" don't you? My heart has always seen it.

Here is a post I wrote about it earlier this year:

ALSO, while I was hunting for the post above, I ran across one that I think will make you smile. It is about Chinese Fortune Cookie.


Warm regards, Lynne and Shiny,

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