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Janina Browarska

Dear Debbe,

Once again this is so timely for me. This poem really fills my heart and soul with a longing that I have so needed but did not pay attention to. All the blogs I have missed for the past while, I have just devoured.

Once we discover our core being, there is no turning back. I have been through a very dry spell so to speak and did not noursih my soul. All else around me was so much movement/chaos that I supressed the needs of my inner being which is crying out desparate to be heard.

We cannot ignore these emotional guests for they are truly guides in our lives.

Thank you so much for this blog and I just love your synopsis on your Women's Leadership Conference, still an inspiration to me. I have shared it with my friends and especially my daughter who is so proud and blessed with all she read.

Best regards and a belated Happy Mother's Day

Debbe Kennedy - Women in the Lead INSPIRATION BLOG

Dear Nina,
So sorry to be so late in commenting. As my post reflects, I've just been so busy with too many things.

I loved our conversation together and I hope to do it again soon and so enjoyed your post here too especially today.

I am doing to do monthly conversations. Maybe you can join. me... http://www.puttingourdifferencestowork.com/dialogues.html


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