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Yes, I am trying to dry my eyes...Excellent vedio!!!

Thank you, my cheer leader!

Janina Browarska

For all these years, Susan knew she what she had inside her to give. I too am drying my eyes. Just riveting!
Thank you Debbe


Today I watched the vedio for a second time and again this time tears ran down my face.

It is not only an inspiration that wakes us up in the darkness, but also an attitude we ought to learn from: when others are against you and smirk cynically and unfriendly, you simply say nothing and just sing your talent...

I heard my heartthrob...


Terrill Welch

I think I have watched this video 4 or 5 times now and was inspired to post a blog with article links discussing how beautiful it is to actually physically watch people become fully present as Susan begins to sing. Amazing!

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