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Caron Von Zeil

Hi Debbe,
i want to share this with you as another woman who is creating amazing change in the world:

Maria Suarez

Co-Director, Feminist International Radio Endeavour
Co-Coordinator, Wings of the Butterfly
Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica

Feminist International Radio Endeavor (FIRE) is an internet radio station produced by women. Wings of the Butterfly aims to activate social movements though artistic expressions. Maria has had a long career as women s human rights, social justice and communication as a human right activist. She has written several books, including her most recent Se Vende Lindo Pais (Pretty Country for Sale) (2001) and La Tranca (The Spell) (2002), which she co-authored with the Costa Rican activist, Cristina Zeledon. Both books focus on the struggle to stop oil exploration in Costa Rica. Maria has recently completed a Ph.D. program in Education from La Salle University in Costa Rica and explains it as a life changing experience. Her doctoral dissertation was titled Women: Metamorphosis of a Butterfly Effect which comprised 26 chapters designed to render visibility to women s paradigmatic contributions in the sciences, arts, politics, and literature. She is presently involved in a project to turn her doctoral dissertation into a musical theatre show as part of a proposal to include art in the reactivation of social movements for transformation.

Rhonda H. Tuman

Women's Sufferage Historical Perspective of the women's movement---Women
elected to U.S. House, Congress, and Governors

What the future holds for single women
without children, or family as they grow old and alone; the long range effect of the
choice women make when they focused their lives on their careers; their ability to
retire, or having to work well beyond the traditonal retirement age; the
responsiblities of maintaing a home, getting to the doctor when they aren't sick or old enough to use handicapped transportation, but can not drive; how women are compensating for the changes in their lifestyles; especially women who couldn't save for their retirement.

Rhonda H. Tuman
WomenNetworking in Southern DE

Janina Browarska

Hi Debbe,

Awesome site! I am so looking forward to recapturing that wonderful day with its fabulous speakers and incredible global comraderie....it quenches the thirsty mind and soul.....love it!

Received from Rev. Marcia Dyson

I was uplifted by the conversations that took place. You could feel the spirit in every bit of it. Thanks for making the gap between diverse women smaller.


Received from Dianne Anderson

I was so curious to get a sense of how these events/dialogues are structured.

I enjoyed listening to the stories shared by other women (and one man!) which were skillfully facilitated by your co-facilitator [Maureen Simon]. I found value and new insights for myself out of participating and listening.

Thank you.

Dianne Womersley

Wow it really seems as if the Divine Feminine energy is emerging in a burst of light and power through all the passionate women in the world. There are no borders between us - Mother Earth holds us all together and the internet connects us!
Perhaps the women who most need this wonderful nurturing support from the international sisterhood are the women of Africa. The continent has suffered in much the same way as her daughters - rape, intimidation and exploitation. Colonisation and imposition of inhumane laws by men from foreign lands are being done away with. The women of Africa and taking each other by the hands and stretching up to their fullest height. They are so strong and resilient and I have no doubt they will overcome, for as the saying goes "You strike a woman, you strike a rock".
Some of the strongest and most admirable women of Africa live in the poorest conditions - in squatter camps with all the attendant miseries and difficulties, yet still they laugh, sing, dance and share whatever they have with their neighbours. I have learnt so much from the women of Monwabisi Park squatter camp, and feel humbled to be able to serve their community.

Received from Kathy Kirk

Hi Debbe,
I've been waiting for this e-mail. I had to leave the conference at the half, but want to know how I would post my comments as an attendee. You must have given those instructions towards the end.

Thank you a million times for organizing such an enormously rewarding and hugely (I' sure) technological event. I was so impressed with just the technology and how skillfully and elegantly you all used it. I wish I could have stayed for the whole thing.

Kathy Kirk


Diane Rothman Schwartz

A very special thank you from my personal global center, my heart. profound experience that will stay within us all and inspire each and every attendant of your seminar to go forward beyond our wildest dreams.
my warmest regards,
i remain,
diane rothman schwartz

Mary Vincent

Mary Vincent
Founder of GreenStar Solution http://www.greenstarsolution.com
and Gratitude Gourmet http://www.gratitudegourmet.com

Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/MaryVincent
Join my CleanTech Facebook Group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=37133855332
Check out my Environmental Postings at http://ecoprotection.blogspot.com/

Emily Duncan

It was a gift for me to be a part of it.
Thank you for help us all connect across the world.


Received from Melinda Kramer, Founder, Women's Earth Alliance

Incredible experience!

Loved the experience! I could feel the other women there with us. The guest speakers were so moving; I wrote much of their wisdom down to take with me.
So grateful to be in this circle of women.

Melinda Kramer
Founder and Director
Women's Earth Alliance

Terry Bandy

I am in fact glad to read this web site posts which includes lots of valuable facts, thanks for providing these data.

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